10 Barbie Movie Outfits That Capture Hearts

From the announcement to the release of the live-action Barbie movie, fans have been obsessed with it. The movie star, Margot Robbie, has done a brilliant job playing the lead role of Barbie alongside Ryan Gosling, who played the lead role of Ken in the movie and left the audience in awe with her mind-blowing Barbie movie costumes. The movie’s theme attracted the people and made them curious about its release. Now that it has been over a month since its release, the fans are still going crazy about it and following its outfits.

Furthermore, these vibrant and lively Barbie movie outfits are inspired by the Barbie toys that were released one after another in the past decades. The movie gained worldwide popularity for various aspects, one of which is its incredible outfits. These outfits are highly inspirational for the audience and Barbie lovers. Let’s explore the best Barbie and Ken outfits that Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling wore in the movie.

1. Barbie’s Pink Gingham Dress

In the second teaser of Barbie, where the iconic “Hi Barbie!” scene opens at the beach, we see Margot Robbie wearing a sophisticated pink gingham dress. The moment she appears with her attractive look, she captures the attention of all the Barbies and Kens.

She looks stunning in the pink and white check dress with a matching hat over her blonde hair, tied in a loose ponytail. Her pink shell necklace and earrings captivate the audience with their charming looks, and her white shoes gracefully complete her beach look.

2. Barbie’s Cowgirl and Ken’s Cowboy Dress

The all-pink western look of Barbie grabs the attention of many Barbie movie lovers. This exquisite outfit includes a sleeveless pink top, a matching bandana, and matching star-covered flared pants. Her white cowgirl heels and the hat serves complete elegance to her look.

In contrast, Ken wears an all-black western look layered with a fringe Cowboy jacket. The pink bandana and a waist belt give him a dapper look, whereas the white hat and shoes give a final touch to his dapper cowboy look.

3 .Barbie’s Camping Outfit

Barbie’s camping look impressed numerous individuals with her extremely magnificent styling and made them eager to try it on camping. The lovely white button-down shirt tucked in the hot pink high-waist pants succeed in capturing the hearts of the people with its elegance. Barbie elegantly accessorises the look with a matching hot pink bracelet, bandana, and earrings. Moreover, her beige flat heels melt the fashion lovers who could not resist trying out this Barbie look.

4. Barbie’s Disco Outfit

One of Barbie’s ravishing stylings from the movie includes the disco outfit she wears at the party and dances in that scene. Undoubtedly, Barbie looks drop-dead gorgeous in this glamorous and shimmery jumpsuit with classy silver high heels. The matching silver bracelets and earrings infuse a bit of allure to the look.

Not only the audience but Barbie captured the gazes of all the other characters of Barbie and Ken in that scene. She beautifully served as a showstopper with her appealing looks at the party. This disco outfit look is worth trying out at clubs and parties.

5. Barbie’s Pink Jumpsuit

Another all-pink Barbie outfit that Barbie and her squad adorn exudes quite decent vibes. The baby pink jumpsuit with goggles is enough to tell you that a simple jumpsuit can also look pleasing. The addition of a bandana to tie the hair in a sophisticated way is an excellent idea to give yourself a Barbie look that is on some serious mission.

Therefore, that is how Barbie proves to be an evergreen fashionista by styling in different pink outfits and looking equally beautiful in each one of them.

6. Barbie’s Blue Formal Dress

Barbie’s electrifying fashion sense has taken our breath away. Pink is already the colour of Barbie which symbolises power in Barbie land, but who could have thought that she would also ace a blue-coloured outfit with such grace?

The 70s navy formal mini dress with a white collar she dons in the movie has made our fashion expectations relatively high. She accessorises this graceful look with a white bow tied on her ponytail and attractive white earrings. This fabulous look emits old-school vibes, and we can’t wait to try it out.

7. Barbie’s Yellow Dress

Throughout the movie, we witness the mind-blowing character development of Barbie. The transformation of her outfits is already a centre of attraction in the movie. Still, with time the movie proceeds towards the serious events, and Barbie’s outfits get a bit softer accordingly.

The yellow dress also radiates decent yet soft vibes. However, Barbie wears this one with an everlasting charm, as always. The yellow pendant successfully succeeds in introducing a bit of sophistication to the dress and her appearance.

8. Ken’s Denim Jacket Look

Since everyone is talking about Barbie’s outfits only, here is the iconic Ken outfit that made people go wild on social media after they saw the first look of Ryan Gosling as Ken. With fully bleached hair and perfect body structure, Gosling feels the perfect choice to play the lead role of Ken.

Furthermore, the classic sleeveless denim jacket paired with the matching jean pants serves one of the most handsome looks of Ken. This outfit feels legal to be worn in summer to capture the Ken vibes.

9. Barbie and Ken’s Rollerblade Outfits

When Margot Robbie’s Barbie and Ryan Gosling’s Ken enter the real world, we see them skating and wearing a cool same rollerblade outfit. The outfits give pure sports vibes and leave the audience lost in their beauty. Barbie wears bright pink shorts over which se adorns a neon romper in contrast with pink and blue colours and the same coloured visor.

On the other hand, Ken wears the same themed shorts, visor, and colorful jacket, under which he wears a pink t-shirt. Both the dolls have matching neon knee and elbow pads and skates. They serve an eye-catching sight with their alluring outfits.

10. Barbie’s Retro Outfit

One of the most popular Barbie outfits includes the blue and white striped retro dress with a cute polka dots hair band. It was Margot Robbie’s first look as Barbie we saw on the internet, which made us think that she is actually a living Barbie.

Without a single doubt, she carries this lovely look with so much grace and leaves us in astonishment with her charming appearance. This casual yet appealing look is everything we want for our day outs.

Summing Up

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie has imparted a sense of marvel in everyone’s heart. The hard work everyone has done in making the Barbie movie is worth the hype. From deciding the theme to selecting the props to finalise the outfits, there must be an immense dedication of the team behind this successful movie.

However, the movie and the stars, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, have served as trendsetters, due to which people are not yet done with the Barbie craze. People around the world are still trying out different Barbie outfits and uploading their pictures on social media with such creative captions. The movie is vital in embracing fashion and enhancing people’s fashion sense through Barbie’s versatile and elegant outfits. Therefore, everyone should try out these ten most sophisticated and glamourous Barbie looks before the trend ends.

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