The Impact of Movie and TV Show Jackets on Pop Culture Fashion

Media is one of the largest platforms that effortlessly influence people with movies, TV shows, talk shows, documentaries, and other programs. Similarly, Hollywood is the most prominent part of the media industry and a source of entertainment. Since numerous people around the globe are familiar with Hollywood, TV shows and movies play an active role in their lives.

In addition to the meaningful content and messages these movies and TV shows convey, they build people’s mindsets and evolve their fashion tastes. When the characters we adore wear a unique outfit, especially a jacket, it serves as a magnet that captures our gazes. Jackets have the potential to attract us anyway; no matter which character wears them, they always look incredible.

Let’s explore how the TV shows and movies have impacted the pop culture fashion.

A Fashionable Journey through the Silver Screens

With a captivating range of outfits adorned by movie characters, the movie’s leather jacket has a separate fan base. Any outerwear can compel our inner fashion freak, but film leather jackets have a special bond with pop culture fashion.

Here are some movies through which the characters influenced the fashion by wearing their famous movie jackets:

1. Adventure with Style – Tom Cruise’s “Top Gun” Jacket

Tom Cruise has been performing well with his phenomenal stunts and acting skills in his sequel movie “Top Gun” since its first release. He also compels the viewers with his symbolic military jacket with many meaningful and vibrant patches. The orange fur collar is the specialty of this leather jacket that satisfies our fashion taste.

2. Futuristic Vibes – Keanu Reeves’ “The Matrix” Trench Coat

Keanu Reeves has always astonished us by playing impactful roles in his movies. However, his movie “The Matrix” has a marvelous fan following obsessed with his trench coat. This long black trench coat with a front buttoned closure makes his character look dashing and steals our hearts. This classy trench coat has influenced pop culture on a greater scale.

3. Fiction and Fashion – Harrison Ford’s “Indiana Jones” Jackets

No one can forget the legendary character of Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford. Even though the first part of the movie was released in 1981, Harrison Ford’s jacket still has the same influence on pop culture fashion to date. This brown vintage leather jacket reminds us of 80s fashion through its designs and looks fabulous when one wears it. 

4. Vintage Elegance – Leonardo DiCaprio’s “The Aviator” Jacket

Leonardo DiCaprio’s fashion sense is quite admirable as he wears various exceptional leather jackets frequently in his movies. The movie “The Aviator” also recalls the eye-catching site of Leonardo wearing his leather jacket. This classy brown jacket with fantastic collars and pocket styles has always been everyone’s favorite. Despite being an old movie, its fashion still uniquely influences today’s fashion.

5. Rebel with a Twist – Brad Pitt’s “Fight Club” Jacket

Who can forget the mind-blowing plot twist at the end of the movie “Fight Club?” This movie still counts among the top-ranked movies on IMDb. The fashion was also on point in this movie, especially the red leather jacket Brad Pitt wore, which is still in demand by fashion fanatics. This stylish red leather jacket with white stripes on the sleeves will always be in trend.

6. Cool Chic – Ryan Gosling’s “Drive” Jacket

Ryan Gosling, who has recently played the well-known role of Ken in the live-action Barbie movie, has played breathtaking roles in his movies throughout his career. His brave role in his movie “Drive”, which came out in 2011, was opposite to Ken and still gathered tremendous praise from people.

He wore a white jacket in this movie, and a yellow scorpion was drawn on the back of it. Unbelievably, this scorpion jacket is still a part of today’s fashion trends even after over a decade. 

Fashion Expressions through the TV Shows

Not just the movies, but people also watch TV shows worldwide with the same interest. These shows have also captured their attention by showcasing their lively jackets worn over elegant clothes.

Here is the list of six famous TV shows that won our hearts through their characters and fashion.

1. 80s Nostalgia – Eddie Munson’s Jacket in “Stranger Things”

One of the best parts of the popular TV show “Stranger Things” is that its story revolves around the 80s era. All the styling of its characters must have been meticulously done, as they all radiate 80’s vibes. However, Eddie Munson’s “Hell Fire Club” t-shirt and denim jacket got the most recognition in the fourth season. His sleeveless denim jacket encouraged many people to dress up like him.  

2. Science and Fashion – Walter White’s Jacket in “Breaking Bad”

Breaking Bad has broken many records with its powerful storyline, superb cinematography, outstanding direction, and excellent acting scale. No wonder our favorite character, Walter White, did a great job this season, but the wonders his jacket did to the fashion enthusiasts were inexplicable. His black jacket, in combination with a hat, will always stay in our hearts.

3. Laughter with Versatility – Joey’s Leather Jacket in “Friends”

People have a never-ending love for the renowned sitcom “Friends”. However, this sitcom has not only made us laugh but also inspired us with the vintage fashion trends of the 90s. Every character has exhibited one aesthetic outfit after another, but Joey’s black leather jacket in the very first episode of the first season is irreplaceable.

4. Emotional Elegance – Hannah Baker’s Denim Jacket in “13 Reasons Why”

The show “13 Reasons Why” has taken its viewers on a rollercoaster of many emotions, which is why this show will always be remembered. Katherine Langford’s strong portrayal of Hannah Baker also influenced people with her denim jacket looks. The people still love to dress by wearing a denim jacket like her.

5. Chic Criminality – Red Jumpsuits in “Money Heist”

Money Heist and the team of its criminals is unforgettable as we all adore every plan of Professor. Whether it is the heist of the Royal Mint of Spain or the Bank of Spain and whether the team follows all the Professor’s rules, they always follow the dress code. Their red jumpsuits still have the same fan following even after two years of its end.

6. Magic with Style – Wanda’s Red Hoodie in “WandaVision”

Marvel Cinematic Universe surprised all the Marvel fans by starting Phase 4 with TV shows. “WandaVision” was the first TV show of MCU that mesmerized the viewers with its various themes as per every decade and Wanda’s styling accordingly. However, the best part was her red hoodie with a few blue stripes on the sleeves that she wore in the finale, winning every viewer’s heart.

Fashion Influence Beyond the Screens

For decades, people have been following Hollywood and getting influenced by it to a great extent. The charismatic wardrobe shown on our big screens and TV screens never fails to fascinate us. The reason behind it can be our love for those characters and the fashion sense of the styling team of these movies and TV shows.

From action to science fiction to drama to crime, no matter what genre these Hollywood movies and TV shows depict, the styling always remains top-notch. All these movies and TV shows have played a vital role in making their jackets iconic, which is why people are really into them.

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